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Welcome to Abbey Primary School. School will be closed from Monday 19th October for 2 weeks - re-opening again on Monday 2nd November.


Principal - Mr J Manning
Vice Principal  - Mrs K Sinclair and Mrs J Martin

Nursery - Mrs Braniff
P1 - Mrs Patton, Mrs Millar and Mrs Gorman
P2 - Mrs Sinclair,  Mrs Kearney/Mrs Patton and Miss Coulter
P3 - Mrs Nelson,  Mrs Moore and Mrs Groves
P4 - Miss Craig, Miss Brown and Mr Stewart
P5 - Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Kernaghan
P6 - Mrs Patterson, Mrs Barclay and Mr Colville
P7 - Mrs Martin, Mr Hutchinson and Miss Colhoun

Board of Governors
Mr C Riordan (Chairperson)                           
Mr T Williams (Vice Chairperson)
Mrs C Patterson                                          
Mrs J Barclay
Mr D Cargo                                              
Mr K Logan
Mr A Clarke                                      
Mr G Johnston

Rev A Peek

Rev R Hamilton

Classroom assistants (general)
Mrs L Smyth
Mrs J Lewis
Mrs R Lawther
Mrs L Salmon
Mrs N Turner

Mrs H Sanders

Mrs D Askham
Mrs L Craig
Mrs C Gillespie
Classroom assistants (additional needs)

Mrs C Bennett

Ms L Harris
Mrs J Church

Mrs N Kelly

Ms C McDaniel

Mrs A Deering

Mrs M Carnduff
Mrs A Hamilton

Mrs D Fulton

Miss P Malcolm

Mrs S Millar

Miss C Quinn

Miss K McLarnon

Mrs E Murray

Lunchtime supervisors
Mrs P Ward
Mrs B Bailie
Mrs H Coffey
Mrs L Nicholson
Mrs S Denkowski
Mrs S Houston
Mrs J Kennedy
Ms H Savage
Mrs H Smyth
Mrs S Stevenson

Mrs D Fulton

Kitchen staff
Mrs F McBurney (cook)
Mrs S Smyth
Mrs H Moore
Ancillary staff
Mr D McDade (building supervisor)
Mrs J Kennedy
Mrs I Patterson
Mrs H Smyth
Mrs S Turner

Mrs C Adair

Administrative staff
Mrs C Angus (Executive Officer)
Mrs E Teer (Senior Clerical Officer)