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Mrs Martin, Miss Colhoun and Mr Hutchinson would like to welcome you to the P6 page.
We have a very exciting year planned for you all with lots of fun and interesting things to do.

This year we will be exploring the topics of The Victorians, Africa, The Irish Famine and Edinburgh. There will be interesting learning opportunities through all of the curricular subjects.
We have lots of iPads in each class and we will be using them a lot for research and discovering new apps for our class topics.

We will also be concentrating on -
Mental Maths strategies and how they can help us when solving problems and investigations;

Reciprocal reading methods to help us understand the content of the text and extend our vocabulary.

The Accelerated reading Scheme which was introduced this year to P6 and P7 to promote and encourage independent reading. Every child aims to achieve a personal target and is rewarded if this is met.

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ICT reminder - When using Microsoft Word, the following page sizes are
the same as our class and homework books.

With a border - 17cm by 23cm
Without a border - 21cm by 25cm

Picture 1 Our Titanic trip
Picture 2 Database tasks - Titanic passengers
Picture 3 Practical problem solving
Picture 4 Working hard in the ICT suite
Picture 5 Science - testing weight distribution
Picture 6 Investigation and teamwork
Picture 7 Thinking skills in action
Picture 8 Athletics and fun
Picture 9 P.E.
Picture 10 More athletic challenges
Picture 11 Learning that we have different qualities
Picture 12 Peer evaluating our display work
Picture 13 We are learning to write in a newspaper style
Picture 14 Self evaluating our work
Picture 15 Learning about large numbers
Picture 16 Mr Hutchinson versus the class!
Picture 17 Investigating 'place value'
Picture 18 We are learning about seed dispersal
Picture 19 Concentration and pride
Picture 20 Talent in action
Picture 21 Investigating a square using a Pro-Bot
Picture 22 Investigating a square using our iPads
Picture 23 Some peer evaluation
Picture 24 Procedures and coding
Picture 25 Problem solving and thinking skills
Picture 26 P6 enquiry based learning
Picture 27 Waterproof materials
Picture 28 Hard at work
Picture 29 Practical Science
Picture 30 Discovery and recording
Picture 31 Easy does it!
Picture 32 Careful observation
Picture 33 Teamwork