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Busy bakers 🍰🍪

Making books for World Book Day

Move to Learn

Happy Christmas! 🎅🏼

Getting Ready to Learn Christmas Decoration Day

Congratulations to all our nursery children who worked so amazingly hard this year! We're so proud of you all. Have fun in P1 😀


Here comes summer ☀️

Race for Life

Rice crispy buns

Celebrating World Book Day and Getting Ready to Learn

Decorating a Mr Messy biscuit.
I think it goes like this.
Deciding just what to do next.
I've finished my shaker.
Painting Mr Bump.
I've made Mr Happy.
Which one have you found?
It's great when mum comes to nursery.
Reading the instructions.
Reading about the Mr Men.
Still searching.
Under here!
Can you see anything down there?
I've found ice.
It's cold.
Keep looking.
Time for a story.
Which book do you have?
Hard at work.
Taping is tricky.
It's Mr Bump.
More snipping.
Doing it myself.
Can you find it?
Enjoying the sunshine.
That's the right one there.
There it is.
We need this one next.
This is what to do.
Enjoying a story.
Putting the Three Bears to bed.

Christmas is coming!

Here are some of the amazing things the children did last year.

The nursery children had a pirate party on their last day.

It's never to early to think about the future! As part of careers day, we talked about what we would like to do when we grow up.

We celebrated the children's achievements at our Graduation ceremonies. Well done everyone, we're so proud of you😀

Potato update: 2.5.17 .... Look how they've grown.

Making Easter nests